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Week 1

No car? No problem! There is a shopping center within walking distance of NCSU. Check out Cameron Village:

The shops of Cameron Village
Map: How to get to Cameron Village from NCSU

Wolfprowl - Express weekend entertainment transit service to Glenwood South with connections to downtown Raleigh

Course Overview

Introductions: Focus in Names
Most common American last names

Most popular first names 20 years ago (when you were born)

Word of the Year:
Oxford English Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online

Conversation Skills: Small Talk
Polite Expressions

Week 2

Listening and Note-taking Skills:
Listening Practice: Jack and the Beanstalk

Video Lecture Unit 1.  Content Area: Communication
American Culture Notes:
The Pledge of Allegiance

Overview of Assignment: Leading a Discussion

What surprised you most about the US?

American Culture Notes: Dr. Martin Luther King
I Have a Dream
America (My Country 'tis of Thee)

Week 3

Assignment: Leading a Discussion

Sign up for mini-presentations on idioms
      Hundreds of Idiom Definitions

      Illustrated Idioms at

American Culture Notes: Gestures  North Carolina symbols

Week 4


Assignment: Watch "Friends" Video and complete worksheet

Begin Mini-Presentations on Idioms
Idiom Presentation Schedule Round 1

Noting Numbers and Statistics
Number Listening Comprehension:

Practice Exercise 1          Exercise 2         Exercise 3

Practice with large numbers
Ten Rules for Writing Numbers and Numerals

American Culture Notes: Baby Boomers 

    What is a baby boomer?

American Culture Notes: Guess the Category

Week 5

Presentation Skills Unit
Presentation I Format
Presentation Teams
Presentation 1 Instructor Evaluation
Presentation 1 Self-evaluation

Presentation Skills Essentials

Nina Weinstein: Tips on Preparing for an Oral Presentation

Nina Weinstein: A Fast Way to Make Yourself

a Better Understood Speaker? Slow Down

Sample Presentation

Signs of the Western Zodiac

Week 6


Voice Board Assignment 1:
France Gives Birth to a Trend

Pronuciation Skills: What Makes Up Our Accents?

Week 7

Presentation 1
Presentation Teams
Click here to watch your presentation video
Presentation self-evaluation form to submit

Voice Board Assignment 2:

New Greeting Cards Offer Encouragement, Hope
Week 8

Listening and Note-taking Skills:
Video Lecture 2. Biology: Genetic Engineering

Vocabulary in Conversation:
common expressions

Dictation 2  Text and Audio File

Voice Board Assignment 3:
Procrastination: End it now 

Week 9

Dictation 2    Text and Audio File

American Culture Notes: St. Patrick's Day

Midterm review sheet
Answers to Midterm Exam Review: Idioms

Week 10 

Small-group collaboration on idiom skits

Presentation of skits

Week 11

Listening for Critical Analysis and Defending Ideas in a Second Language
Debating Skills
Format for informal debates in class
Possible topic: Guns in America
Some logical fallacies

In-class preparation for debates

Week 12


Overview of Presentation 2
Presentation Evaluation Rubric
Click here to watch your presentation video
Sample Academic Argument Presentations
Sample of excellent presentation skills: being at 00:15:45

The Art of Rhetoric
Some rhetorical devices
Visual rhetoric
Visual rhetoric: text elements

Outline of presentation thesis and argument

Week 13

Video Lecture 3: The American Character

Voice Board Assignment 4:
What Does Your Voice Say About You

American Culture Notes: Easter

Week 14

Creating memes to support Presentation 2

Presentation 2

Student memes to support presentations

Week 15

Presentation 2, continued
Student memes to support presentations

Review for final exam  Final Exam Review Sheet

Final Exam
Grade Calculator