FLE 100
Introduction to Academic Writing

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Week 1
1/12 , 1/14
Course Overview
In-class writing sample
The Writing Process: purpose, thesis, audience
American Culture Notes: Dr. Martin Luther King
I Have a Dream
America (My Country 'tis of Thee)
Week 2
1/19, 1/21
General feedback on writing samples
100 Most Common English Words
Reading Critically:
1) Reading for meaning (annotating)
2) Reading like a writer (reading rhetorically)
3) Logical Fallacies
Visit from WSTS tutor 1/21
Week 3
1/26, 1/28
Hey! How to email a professor
The Writing Process: drafting and revising
Paragraph structure
Essay structure
Lab session: drafting and revising
Writing Summaries
Overview of paper 1: The Summary Essay
Autobiography assignment due Thursday 1/28
Blog comment due by end of week
Week 4
2/2, 2/42/2, 2/4
Paper 1 draft due 2/2
Understanding the Peer Review Process
Global and local revision
In-class peer reviews
Paper 1 due 2/4
Overview of paper 2: Summary and Response
Selected topics in punctuation: Run-on sentences, comma splices, punctuating quotations
Week 5
2/9, 2/11
Selected topics in grammar
Practice in editing grammar
Lab session: drafting and revising
American Culture Notes: Valentine's Day
Week 6 
2/16, 2/18
Paper 2 draft due 2/16
In-class peer reviews
American Culture Notes: Mardi Gras, Feb. 16
MLA Documentation Style
Week 7 
2/23, 2/25
Paper 2 due 2/23
Grading rubric for Paper 2
Overview of paper 3: Multi-Source Argument
Brainstorming for topic ideas
Ten Golden Rules for Writers
Selected topics in sentence structure
Practice in editing sentence problems
Lab session 2/25: Bring laptops 
Selected topics in word choice
Practice in choosing the best word
Week 8 
3/2, 3/4
Summary paragraphs for paper 3 due 3/2
Selected topics in grammar: articles
Academic Argument:
Overview and sample readings
Effective Thesis Statements:
Exercises and collaborative activities
Week 9 
3/9, 3/11
MLA Documentation Style, continued
General and first page format
In-text citation
In-text citation of web sources
Works Cited page: basic format
Works Cited page: online newspaper article
Works cited page: other electronic sources
Abbreviations for months of the year
Sample Works Cited page
Paper 3 draft due 3/11
Grading rubric for Paper 3
Peer and instructor reviews of paper 3 draft
Spring Break March 15 - 19 NO CLASSES
Week 10 
3/23, 3/25
Effective Introductions and Conclusions
Selected writing exercises
Selected grammar exercises
Writing Argument: the Toulmin Model
Overview and practice exercise
Overview of paper 4: Researched Academic Argument
Assignment Calculator
Brainstorming for topics
Freewriting to discover topics; looping
Paper 3 due 3/25
Grading rubric for Paper 3
Fleshing out paper 4
Drafting a final topic and thesis claim
Peer review of draft
Week 11 
3/30, 4/1
Spring Holiday, No Class 4/1
Meet 3/30 in ITTC Lab 2 of DH Hill Library (second floor, east wing) See map.
Introduction to Library Research
Searching for reliable sources for researched academic argument
Week 12 
4/6, 4/8
Rhetorical Analysis:
Practice identifying rhetorical devices
Overview of assignments incorporating rhetorical devices
Short Essay 1 due 4/8
Practice exercises: focused, concise writing
Lab Session: writing an introductory paragrah for paper 4; peer reviews; searching for documentation
Week 13 
4/13, 4/15
Short Essay 2 due 4/13
Selected Exercises: word choice, style, connotation vs. denotation, embedded questions
Lab Session: outlining; writing a strong conclusion: peer reviews
Week 14 
4/20, 4/22
Paper 4 draft due 4/20
Grading rubric for Paper 4
Peer and instructor reviews of paper 4 draft
Presentation skills 
Week 15 
4/27, 4/29
Paper 4 due 4/27
Grading rubric for Paper 4
Reflective Writing: Writing Experiences in English 100
Oral Presentation of Paper 4