Editing Drafts: Global and Local Revision
Global Revision: Seeing the "big picture"
Global revision focuses on organization, development of ideas, tone and register.

Local Revision: Paying attention to details.
Local revision focuses on editing for word choice, sentence fluency, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

First steps:

1) Once you have a finished draft, try to set it aside for a day before coming back to it.

2) Go back and reread the assignment, so that the requirements are fresh in your mind.

3) Read the paper aloud, listening for a smooth flow of words.

Suggestions for making global (large, big picture) revisions:


Some suggestions for local (sentence-level) revision:
  • Are there specific concerns you have about your writing or problems that you know frequently occur? Keep a list of those and check for them.
  • Edit for: correct verb tense, subject/verb agreement, parallel structure, word choice, punctuation (avoiding run-on sentences, sentence fragments, comma splices), articles, prepositions, and general idiomatic usage.