NC State Macro/International Seminar

Organizers: Giuseppe Fiori, Ivan Kandilov, and Nora Traum

All seminars start at 3:00 p.m. in 4210 Nelson Hall unless otherwise indicated.

Spring 2015 

 January 26  Alex Gill  Dissertation Workshop; "Securitization, Central Banking, and Credit Cycles"
 February 23  Chris Otrok (University of Missouri)  "Optimal Capital Controls and Real Exchange Rate Policies: A Pecuniary Externality Perspective"
 March 16  Alimamy Kamara  Dissertation Workshop; "Regional Trade Agreements and Bilateral Trade: An Eclectic View of the Hidden Trade Costs"
 March 23  Mahmut Yasar (University of Texas Arlington)  "Diversification of Export Markets and Productivity: Evidence from Firm-Level Data"
 March 26  Luca Guerrieri (Federal Reserve Board)  "Collateral Constraints and Macroeconomic Asymmetries"
 April 6  Simon Alder (University of North Carolina)  "Chinese Roads in India: The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on  Economic Development"
 April 13  Alejandro Justiniano (Chicago Fed)  "Credit Supply and the Housing Boom"

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