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      Online Appendix  2011 Working Paper Version

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      Online Appendix

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      Online Appendix

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    Technical Appendix

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    Estimation Appendix


Working Papers:

  1. Hours and Employment Over the Business Cycle 
    Joint with Matteo Cacciatore and Giuseppe Fiori            
    Online Appendix

  2. Green Policies, Aggregate Investment Dynamics and Vintage Effects 
    Joint with Giuseppe Fiori            

  3. Fiscal Consolidation with Public Wage Reductions 
    Joint with Juin-Jen Chang, Hsieh-Yu Lin, and Shu-Chun S. Yang             

  4. Time-Varying Oil Price Volatility and Macroeconomic Aggregates 
    Joint with Michael Plante

  5. The Implications of Tax Foresight for Optimal Monetary Policy