Bishir - Kolb Retirement Luncheon at Ri-Ra's

On Monday, May 12, 2003, a group of 32 faculty and staff gathered at Ri-Ra's Tavern in downtown Raleigh to honor John Bishir and John Kolb on their formal retirement - formal because both will not really retire; they will continue to do teaching and research. John Franke was the emcee and gave a short resume of each man's career followed by comments by Selgrade, Soloman, Lancia and Elmaghraby for Bishir and Griggs, Solomon and Rose for Kolb. Both men were presented with gifts.

John Bishir received a B.A. in Math from the University of Missouri, an M.S. from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. from NC State in Statistics in 1961. He was an instructor in the Math Dept from 1957 to 1961 and promoted to Assistant Professor in 1961. John has always been interested in the applications of mathematics to the biological and social sciences; In 1959 he developed and gave the first course in finite mathematics given at NC State while was still an instructor. He left for Florida State in 1962 but returned to the NC State Math Department in 1963. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1964 and full professor in 1968. John won an Outstanding Teacher award in 1968.

John has written one text book, over 30 research papers, and supervised 5 doctoral students. Since 1989 his research has been continuously sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service. During the next academic year he will teach a two semester `refresher' sequence in Calculus and Differential Equations, that he developed expressly for graduate students in biological sciences and natural resources.

John Kolb received his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Maryland. In 1966 he came to NC State as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the Mathematics and Mathematics and Science Education departments and has maintained this dual role throughout his career. He was promoted to Associate professor in 1969 and to full professor in 1975. John has taught over fifteen different courses for the mathematics department; he has often taught the undergraduate geometry courses and the special courses in geometry, algebra and analysis given by the mathematics department for high school teachers. He has written several texts for high school and junior high school teachers in addition to his 10 research publications. He has had the amazing number of 18 doctoral students in Mathematics Education.

John won an outstanding teacher Award in 1968 and an Alumni Distinguished Professor Award in 1978. He was the president of the North Carolina Council of Teacher of Mathematics from 1970-72 and won the W.W. Rankin Award for Oustanding Contributions to Mathematics Education.

Catherine and John Bishir   John Bishir's daughter Diane Mays
Jo-Ann Cohen and John Kolb   John Griggs and Frankie Stephenson
Tran & R. Martin on the left
Meyer, Shearer, Lubkin on the right
  Bill Swallow and Jim Selgrade
Chander, Lada, Meyer, Shearer in back
Elmaghraby and Koh   Bishir, Elmaghraby, Franke, Scroggs, Solomon

(Reported by Nick Rose)

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