Robert H. Martin, Jr.

Robert H. Martin, Jr. was born in Columbia, South Carolina and was raised there and in Greenville, S.C. His undergraduate education was at the University of South Carolina. While he was an undergraduate he worked for three years as a Page in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1970 and joined the faculty at NC State the same year.

Martin divides his career into three parts. For the first twenty years he concentrated on research in non-linear differential equations and functional analysis. He published 2 books, over 50 research papers and supervised 6 Ph.D. students. The next 10 years, 1989-1999, while he was head of the department, his efforts were mainly on administration. Since 1999, Martin has put his major emphasis on teaching, and has taken on a larger teaching load. He received an outstanding Teacher Award in 1989.

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