The Evidence:

Before After

and, as forseen by Nostradamus:

-some of the Lost Teeth of Roxanne

Other Evidence:

-the holey Nylabone frisbee

-two of Roxanne's favorite "chew toys" (please note missing fingers in upper photo - Whoops!)

-drying some teething wear for two of her favorite chew toys

-outdoor floss (shown outdoors)

-flossing outdoors (but only under close supervision)

-mouthwash outdoors

Consumption of inappropriate entities:

On 3/15, Roxanne ingested one of my wife's nylon trouser socks, since I could get only one of the two left on the floor away from her before she swallowed it. About thirty hours later (same delay as for the first such incident, a week before), the sock, which was white on entry, made a dramatically darker appearance on its re-emergence

during a walk in a nearby park, though the last 10% of the sock's length lingered for a while above the anal interface as Roxanne spun around and around and around trying to catch it and I held the leash out of her way so her collar would not throttle her. Finally, a brief assist from my gloved, tissue wrapped hand brought the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. However, a good time was had by none. Roxanne has re-visited the site of conclusion several times since then, no doubt to recall and marvel at her own intestinal fortitude.

(Panty-hose ingestion has injured or killed dogs: "... fabric items and clothing are some of the most dangerous items a pet can swallow.   If panty hose hangs up in the intestinal track it will literally saw through the intestines, causing a life threatening infection." So I spent most of those thirty hours watching Roxanne very closely for vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or abdominal pain, no signs of which were seen. Such items are no longer left in accessible places around the house.)

-Snickers, mighty glad she's not teething (Her crate and part of Roxanne's are just visible in background)

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