From 2005-2006:

Roxanne did suffer a recurrence of mast cell disease in 2007. The growth appeared on her nose, it was removed and did not re-grow. Her veterinarian said that this is a not unheard of course for mast cell disease in some dogs: it recurs, but after the tumors are removed, the dog is alright for a while (and the disease is not rapidly fatal, as I was initially told Roxanne's mast cell disease would be.)

Possibly as a result of her treatment with high doses of prednisone as a puppy, she suffered from relatively mild Addison's disease and hypothyroidism later in life; she also developed some arthritis. The pain from the latter seemed well-controlled with gabapentin.

In mid-October 2010, she was diagnosed with metastatic oral melanoma - more common in dark-coated dogs - (with spread to spine and lungs) and was kept comfortable until December 8, 2010, when her life ended peacefully.

I still miss her every day. How could it be otherwise?

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