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FACT: Over 80% of the North Carolina population is convinced that it has non-physical souls in addition to a merely material body.

FACT: If God created the universe, then he began with Truths and added dirt.

FACT: What's more important: dirt or Truth? Truth!

FACT: Truths are made out of concepts!

Sure, re-arranging matter is useful,

-but engineering with concepts has to come first!

A Mighty Instructive Comparison ...

Division Task Benefit Equipment Needs Space Needs Graduates' Prospects Material Cost Value Ratio
(Mere) Matter Engineering re-arrange matter finite, temporal very heavy lots and lots limited by training and material necessity very high low
Conceptual Engineering define possibility infinite, eternal very light unextended, minimal limited only by logical possibility low high

Supernatural Design and Modal Engineering

Textual Engineering

Communication Engineering

Transcultural Engineering

Social and Human Engineering


Power Engineering

Reverse Engineering