Spencer V. Muse

Department of Statistics

NC State University

Box 8203

Raleigh NC 27695





5276 SAS Hall (Statistics)

303 Ricks Hall (Bioinformatics)

I am Dr. Spencer Muse from the North Carolina State University Department of Statistics. Here at NC State I wear several hats: I am Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Statistics Department; I am Director of the interdepartmental graduate program in Bioinformatics; I direct an NIH graduate training program, Biostatistics Training in the Omics Era. And of course I teach and maintain my research program.


I completed my BS in Statistics from NC State in 1989, my PhD at NC State in 1993, and followed that with postdoctoral work at Penn State University. I joined the Biological Sciences faculty at the Unviersity of Missouri in 1996, and moved to NC State in 1998.


My wife Cindy and I are avid whitewater kayakers. I enjoy flyfishing for trout in the mountains of western North Carolina, and I also dabble in handweaving.