MA242: Calculus III

General syllabus about this course is online. This is also the place where you get information about Maple homework.

Information about WebAssign homework is also online.


Maple Supplement for this course is on line.

You can receive additional help from the University Tutorial Center and the Mathematical Multimedia Center .

Important Dates:


Test dates are: (These dates will definitely not be changed. See Grading Policy.)


Test 1, 09/11

Test 2, 10/02

Test 3, 10/30

Test 4, 11/20


Maple due dates are: (Instant grading is done by the eGrader system, so you have to watch out these due dates by yourselves.)


Maple 0, 08/25; Maple 4, 10/13

Maple 1, 08/25; Maple 5, 10/20

Maple 2, 08/31; Maple 6, 11/17

Maple 3, 09/29; Maple 7, 11/20


WebAssign homework is due almost weekly (Small scores do add up. Most likely you will be relying on this grade to boost up your grade.)


Final exam date is: (No show, no pass.)


Wednesday 12/13, 8:00 11:00 am



Grading Policy:


final grade= curve{[@avg(WebAssign homework)+@avg(Maple assignments)+@sum(four hour tests)+@(final exam) -@min(four hour tests)]/7}


(One test grade will be dropped for whatever reason. Therefore, no make-up will be given.)