Moody Chu's Library of Computer Codes:


Note: I am just beginning to transfer computer codes that are relevant to my research papers to this directory. Since these codes are written by me, chances are that they will not work for you. Also, if you want me to explain one particular segment in the code, chances are that I have forgotten why I wrote it that way. If you are interested in some of the methods in my work and don't find the codes here, drop me a line. I might be able to upload it for you.


RAR Files (Easier for me. Just dump them here!)


         Newton's method for trace maximization


         ODE method for trace maximization


         Inverse singular value problem with simple singular values


         Inverse singular value problem with multiple singular values


         ODE method for inverse stochastic/positive eigenvalue problems


         Shape DNA integrators and graphic tools


Original Test Files: (Need to create an index.html file. Too slow a process!)



Inverse Singular Value Problem

Shape DNA Problem