Lecture Notes:

        Continuous Realization Methods and Their Applications: (Series presentation, 12 talks.)

        Inverse Eigenvalue Problems: Theory and Applications (Series presentation, 12 talks)

        Structured Low Rank Approximations (Series presentation, 5 talks)

        Numerical Algorithms as Dynamical Systems (Series presentation, 6 talks)

        A Fast Recursive Algorithm for Constructing Matrices with Prescribed Eigenvalues and Singular Values:cp03.pdf

        Data Mining: for What? Clusters or Factors

        Data Mining and Matrix Factorizations

        Educational Testing Problem and Non-smooth Optimization:

        Group Theory, Linear Transformation and Flows: Dynamical Systems on Manifolds:

        Low Rank Circulant Approximation:

        Minimal Variance Estimator of Reconstructor in Adaptive Optics System:

        Multivariate Eigenvalue Problem: Algebraic Theory and Power Method:

        On an Adaptive Control Algorithm for Adaptive Optics Applications:

        On the Differential Equation $\frac{dX}{dt}=[X,k(X)] $ where $k$ Is a Toeplitz Annihilator

        On the Inverse Problem of Constrained Data Reconstration:

        On the Evolution of Lax Dynamics and Its Applications:

        Structured Low Rank Approximation:

        Wedderburn Decomposition and Its Applications to Matrix Factorizations