Mithun Acharya

Principal Scientist
Industrial Software Systems (ISS) Research Group
ABB Corporate Research
NC State Centennial Campus, Raleigh NC, USA
firstname.lastname AT ncsu DOT edu

My research primarily focuses on identifying and solving the key issues that arise in large-scale software development in the industry. To solve these issues, I research techniques, and working with the development teams, develop tools or adapt the industry best practices for improving programmer productivity and software quality. My current research interests span several areas of Automated Software Engineering, including Software Analytics, Code Change Impact Analysis, and Automated Software Testing.

Professional Activities [ all ]

FSE ACM SRC 2014 (PC), ASE 2013 Tools (PC), ISSRE 2013 Industry (PC), ICST 2013 (talk), MSR 2013 (PC), ISEC 2013 (PC), 23rd CREST Workshop 2012 (invited talk)

Publications [ all | abstracts | bib ]

Oracle-Based Regression Test Selection. ICST 2013
Tingting Yu, Xiao Qu, Mithun Acharya, and Gregg Rothermel
[ abstract | pdf | slideshare | slides | bib ]
Configuration Selection Using Code Change Impact Analysis for Regression Testing. ICSM 2012
Xiao Qu, Mithun Acharya, and Brian Robinson
[ abstract | pdf | bib ]
Practical Change Impact Analysis Based on Static Program Slicing for Industrial Software Systems. ICSE 2011, SEiP
Mithun Acharya and Brian Robinson
[ abstract | pdf | bib ]
Research Tool Demo, FSE 2012
Mining Health Models for Performance Monitoring of Services. ASE 2009
Mithun Acharya and Vamshidhar Kommineni
[ abstract | pdf | bib ]
Mining API Patterns as Partial Orders from Source Code: From Usage Scenarios to Specifications. ESEC/FSE 2007
Mithun Acharya, Tao Xie, Jian Pei, and Jun Xu
[ abstract | pdf | bib ]
Concealed Data Aggregation for Reverse Multicast Traffic in Sensor Networks: Encryption, Key Distribution and Routing Adaptation. IEEE TMC 2006
Dirk Westhoff, Joao Girao, and Mithun Acharya
[ abstract | pdf | bib ]
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