Class Projects in the News

Audubon Magazine:

Can Bird Advocates and Cat Fanciers Find Common Ground?


Engaged Learning Projects

2011 Class Project: Assessing attitudes and personalities of cat colony caretakers and bird conservation professionals

  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Report and data (We hope to post the data set this summer. The students are currently trying to publish the results, and would like to submit their paper prior to posting all the material). In the meantime, if you have specific questions please contact Brett (bmhartis@ncsu.edu), Shari ( slrodrig@ncsu.edu ), or myself.

2010 Class Project: Predicting preferences for native garden landscaping in urban areas (PDF)

2009 Class Project: Cape Hatteras National Seashore: people, policy, and piping plovers (PDF)

Current Courses

Urban Wildlife Management, FW 403, NCSU (2010-current)

2010 Project: Assessing butterfly diversity in urban parks

Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Management, FW 411/511, NCSU (2009-current)


Study Abroad

Bahamian Conservation Biology (2011)


Past Courses

Conservation of Natural Resources, FW 221, NCSU (2007-2009)

Systems Modeling and Simulation, FW 852, MSU (2007)

Animal Ecology Lab, WFSC 403, TAMU (2000-2002)