Research Projects

Select Current Research Projects:

Building Ocean Literacy among North Carolina’s K-12 Students, PI

Assessing Recovery Options for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on Private Lands in Eastern North Carolina, Co-PI

A Comprehensive Action Plan for Restructuring North Carolina's Licensing and Permit Systems, PI

Triangle Urban Long Term research Area: Reconciling Human and Natural Systems for the Equitable Provision of Ecosystem Services in the Triangle of North Carolina, Senior Personnel

National Science Foundation

The Relationship Between Foraging Habitat Quality and Population Fitness of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers at the Savannah River Site, Co-PI

Reducing the burden of zoonotic diseases associated with racoons in urban environments: program development feasibility study, Co-PI

Assessing environmental and social impacts of Canada geese across an urban landscape

Developing Research-based Biomass Harvesting Guidelines to Improve Sustainability of Harvesting Woody Biomass for Renewable Energy, Co-PI

Urban Wood Utilization Action Plan, Co-PI

Graduate Education in Forest Resource Decision Sciences: Preparing Professionals to Meet Global Needs, Co-PI


Select Past Research Projects:

The Nordic Hunting & Society Symposium (2009), Co-Pi

Assessing Willingness to Pay for Sporting Licenses and Non-Game Conservation in North Carolina (2007-2010), Co-Pi

Research to Promote a Sustainable Southeast (2007-2010), PI

Agricultural Wintering Habitat as a Limiting Factor for Woodcock in the Southeast: Thirty Years of Agroecosystem Change (2008-2010), Co-PI

Integrating remotely-sensed imagery and social surveys for sustainability: the case of US/Mexico borderlands (2006-2007), Co-PI

Integrating human culture and wildlife ecology to conserve biodiversity (2006), PI