Peterson Lab | Human Dimensions of Conservation Biology


Nils Peterson and the scholars affiliated with his lab work to unravel the drivers of environmental behavior on which global sustainability depends.  We use environmental education, conservation development, environmental conflict, and environmental policy making as natural experiments to test hypotheses, and occasionally run an experiment of our own!

Housing Bomb book cover

"In this compelling book we are shown the destructive folly of humanity's insatiable appetite for bigger and bigger homes, and for second and third homes, a largely unrecognized factor in the human environmental predicament."—Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University, author of The Population Bomb


"Outdoor Education Helps Minority Students Close Gap in Environmental Literacy"—Kathryn Stevenson, NCSU, author of Environmental, Institutional, and Demographic Predictors of Environmental Literacy among Middle School Children




The Atlantic CITIES: Features Mason's paper on historical trends in global household size.

New publications on why climate education works with children and not adults and balancing human rights and conservation on international borders