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Some of the powerpoint and pdf slides as well as other supporting material in the course web-pages linked below are not available due to restrictions on the AFS quota. However, if you want any of the missing files, email me and I will gladly send them to you.

Fall 2012: ECE 407 - Introduction to Computer Networks

Note that this is an introductory course; in class, we'll cover breadth rather than depth. The objectives of the course are:

It is not an objective of the course to:

Spring 2011: ECE 470 - Hands-on Network Administration

This course is a hands-on follow-up to the mostly theoretically-oriented ECE 407. In this course, students will mostly spend time in the networking lab learning to setup and debug small-scale networks involving Linux computers and Cisco routers. Topics covered include configuring simple networks, Linux interfaces, understanding ARP, using PCs as routers, configuring Cisco routers with manual routes as well as RIP, OSPF and BGP, TCP debugging, bridging, NAT, DHCP, DNS, SNMP and Multicast.

Spring 2012: ECE/CSC 570 - Computer Networks

The objective of this course is to impart to the student an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer networking, knowledge of the basic taxonomy and terminology of the computer networking area. To introduce the student to advanced networking concepts, preparing the student for entry to advanced courses in computer networking. To allow the student expertise in some specific areas of networking. The stress is on theoretical and conceptual development rather than practical experience with specific technologies

Spring 2011: ECE/CSC 575 - Wireless Networking

The course is a broad introduction to wireless networking principles and architectures. The focus is on the differences between wireless networking and fixed networking (assumed to be known). While the fundamental principles are the main goal of the course, case studies of current protocols will demonstrate the concepts: cellular networks, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth, WiMAX, mobile IP, etc.

There is a wireless networking lab associated with the course. The students work in the lab in teams of 3-4 at one semester-long project. The primary goal of the project is to give the students hands-on, in depth experience with wireless technology in a non-trivial manner.

Fall 2011: ECE/CSC 775 - Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks

The course is the follow-up of ECE/CSC 575. In this course we will explore cutting edge topics in wireless networks. This course will trade breadth in favor of depth. In Fall 2011 we focused on power efficient MAC protocols for WSNs, on capacity of multihop networks and fairness in multi-hop networks.

The course does not treat in detail

There is a wireless networking lab associated with the course. The semester-long projects are research oriented (within reason).