The students will be assigned to teams based on their preferences and skills. Each team will be assigned to a project (based on the availability of the projects and preferences of the team members) and complete it the best it can.

See the general info page regarding the grading policy for this project.

The lab is located in EB2-2027. Access is via a FOB. If you have a FOB it should already work, if you don't, you can get one from Dunn street, or the CSC department may loan one to you. Contact Marhn Fullmer ( for details.

For work beyond the call of duty (i.e. doing more than required in the project description) up to 10 extra points may be awarded.

All these projects will require lots of work, so I suggest you have the time to put in this project and that you start early to be able to finish on time.

I expect a progress report from each team every two weeks (I will post on the schedule when are the reports due). The team leader is directly responsible for the on-time delivery of the progress report. The progress report should briefly contain the current status of the project, the next steps to be completed and what are the risks/threats to the project (i.e. what might go wrong). The team leader does not need to be the one to write the progress report (he/she might assign it to a team member), but the team leader is the one to take the blame (and a one point penalty) if it is not submitted on time.

Teams and projects

Team Leaders

Each team will have 2-3 members and a leader. The team leader should be more experienced than the team members, and for him/her there is more at stake. In particular if the project ends well (above 75%), the team leader will get more points than regular team members (up to 5 more points). If the project goes bad (under 75%) the team leader will get less points than other team members (up to 5 less points). The team leader should motivate the team and get them going, organize the tasks and meetings for each member and know everything there is to know about the project. There is also the job of the team leader to make sure that the progress reports are submitted on time (not necessarily written by him/her). There is going to be a one point deduction for the team leader for each report that misses the deadline. It is expected that the teams members will do what the team leaders asks them to (within reason).

Once the teams are assigned it is still possible to switch from one team to another based on your preferences/time conflicts etc. given that both members that switch agree on the switch.

Checking things out

We have a common list of resources that we can use for this lab. Each student will be able to check in and out different resources (e.g. phones, motes, wireless cards, etc.) from the TA. If one resource is in short supply, the resource will have to be time-shared (e.g. returned after one week).

Anything you break you have to replace.

Anytime you check something out (from the TA) you'll have to do the following two things:

Please mind the rules at the following two sites:
ComTech Network Service Level Agreement
Violations of Policy-ITD Standard Operating Procedures