At the end of the project it is expected that the students will make a practical demonstration, will turn in their properly commented code, a hardcopy final report hardcopy, and everything produced during this project as a softcopy.

Final Report

The organization of the final project report should resemble a research paper that has an experimental component. There is a 10 page at 10 pt font with a 1 inch margins page limit; however, if you really need more space, you can have more. The report should have the following sections (notice depending on your particular project one or more sections may not fit, and you may have other sections to add):


Turn in a softcopy of "everything", organized as described below:

Create a directory named "Teamn", where n is your team number

In this directory place the following:

After everything is in place (files and directories), please tar and gzip the directory and uploaded in Wolfware (as any other online assignment).