Due April 23rd


In contrast with the general purpose of this course, the main goal of this project is to expose the student to a relatively narrow topic in relative depth.

To achieve the goal, each student is required to complete a brief literature survey on a narrow topic. A general overview on how to write a literature review is available here.

The final write-up can be up to six (6) pages long, written in single column, with at least one inch margins and 11pt font (shorter is better, but you can use all pages if you really need to).

The structure of the paper should be as follows:


Grading will take into account:

Choosing the Topic

The students are asked to pick a network type and research topic. Each project should be unique, i.e., each student will choose a different combination of network type and research topic (a google spreadsheet is setup here). Please write your name in one of the cells of the table to reserve a topic. Please do not write your name in more than a cell and don't delete anybody's name.

Network Types

The different network types we consider for this project are:

Research Topics

The different research topics we consider for this project are: Please make sure you choose a combination that makes sense, as some combinations may not have any papers researching the combination (e.g., localization in optical networks).