Research area

For a graphical view of my research area see the WALAN scope page.

My current research interests lie in the area of wireless networking with emphasis on multi-hop wireless networks. Although there is some disagreement, multi-hop wireless networks are often referred to as ad-hoc networks. Simply put ad-hoc networks are computer networks that (in general) do not depend on infrastructure. In ad-hoc networks each (wireless) node is a host as well as a router, and the packets are routed in a multi-hop fashion.

Most basic problems in ad-hoc networking spring from the lack of a central coordination point and hierarchy, the inherently shared communication medium and the need for scalability. A second order of (more complicated) problems occur due to the absence of the notion of a "link", something that is so fundamental to the rest of the network.

There are several sub-areas in ad-hoc networking that especially interest me:

I have a secondary interest in wireless local area networks (802.11, Bluetooth). Problems of interest are improving the efficiency in various situations as well as applications based on these technologies.

During my Ph.D. I worked on control through computer networks. Main idea: in a classical control system we replaced a wire by a networking link. However a network link is significantly different from a wire, (e.g. it has time-variant delays, limited bandwidth, etc.) and hence the need for research. Applications include (wireless) sensor/actuator networks, teleoperation, congestion control and many more.