The instructions below outline how to enter into the virtual 3D environment “Bug World”.  Please note that you must download the free Active Worlds Educational Universe software in order to enter this virtual environment.

STEP 1: Download and Open Active Worlds

Using the link below download Active Worlds Educational Universe.


Launch AWEDU from an icon saved on your computer or by selecting it from the available “Programs”.

An internet connection screen (see image below) will pop up. You may select the internet connection appropriate for you, however the "Autoconfigure" button at the bottom is often very effective.

internet connection

STEP 2: Log into Active Worlds

To enter Active Worlds you will need to log in as a “citizen” at the prompt (see image below).  You will then be prompted to log in.  Please use your the log in information provided to you through the course to log in.

active worlds login

STEP 3: Find "Bug World" within Active Worlds

Once you are in AWEDU (see image below) you need to find and select the "Bug World" site.

active worlds entrance

Click the “Folder” icon in the upper left to identify the “Worlds” tab.  Scroll down the drop down bar and select “Bug World”. You will automatically be teleported to this environment. 

STEP 4: Explore the Virtual Environment

Avatars are the 3D representation of yourself while you are within this virtual environment. People will see your avatar and you may select to either view, or not view, your own avatar. You may switch avatars at anytime while in Activeworlds.

While in Activeworlds you may select either a first person or a third person view. These views offer different perspectives and different people tend to have different preferences. When you are in first person view you will not see your own avatar however your view within the environment will be more like what you would expect to see if you were actually standing there. When you are in third person view you will be able to see the avatar you have selected as yourself however your view will be somewhat of a longer term, overhead view. You may change your view at any time while in Activeworlds and it is recommended that you spend a bit of time walking around using each available view to discern your own preference.

You control the movement of your avatar throughout the virtual enviornment. You can "walk", "run", or "fly" while in Activeworlds. Additionally, teleports are built into the environment that allow you to transport instantaneously to a given site. The entrance of the environment contains a large map of the virtual world. Various flags on this map act as teleports to the indicated locations. All areas of the farm are marked by signs. These signs act as teleports which when clicked by returning you the entrance of the farm. If you are moving around in Activeworlds and you get stuck on an object you can move through the object by holding down the control key while maneuvering with the arrows.


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