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Connecting Ecology and Pathogen Transmission in a Global Environment
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Welcome to the Reiskind Lab Web Page.  In this webpage, you will find all sorts of information about the laboratory of Michael Reiskind at North Carolina State University, Department of Entomology.  You are currently at the home page, but we also have pages on the lab's research program, what Dr. Reiskind teaches, our outreach and professional service efforts, the people in the lab, and news & links, which includes our collaborators on various projects.  Note that all of the images are used with permission of their authors or are by Michael H Reiskind.  Aedes triseriatus                    Home     Mansonia titilans 
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2012 Michael Reiskind
Images: 2012 Sean McCann, used with permission, except:   1954 scanned image of Aedes triseriatus, University of California Press.