Differential Equations with Maple V

A MA 341 Supplement

by Dr. Joe A. Marlin
with Dr. Hok Kim

If you have your own computer running Maple V Release 4, and a CD rom, then you my wish to check with the NCSU bookstore about purchasing a CD rom containing all of these files that include all the Maple V worksheets and assignments used in MA 141, MA 241, MA 242, and MA 341.

The links listed below are to Maple V Release 4 Worksheets. Clicking on one of the worksheet names will cause different outcomes depending on how your browser is configured. To use these files your computer must have Maple V Release 4. If you do have this application then set your helper applications to launch the Maple V applications for file with suffix type .mws. Set the mime type to application/maple-v-r4.

Joe A. Marlin
Department of Mathematics, Box 8205
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

(/JAM/26 April 1999)