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Model Development, Analysis, Simulation & Control

NCSU RTG - Weekly Schedule of Research Training Modules (RTMs)

For 2010-11, RTMs are held on Fridays from 3-4 pm in SAS 4201 and are open to all graduate students and postdocs in the department.

Date Topic & Associated Materials
8/20/10 Writing Workshop for Graduate Fellowships (Organized by Seth Sullivant, Associate Professor, Mathematics Dept., NCSU) *workshop will run from 3-5pm
8/27/10 Fundamentals of LaTeX (Zhengzheng Hu, Postdoctoral Associate, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
9/3/10 No Meeting
9/10/10 Fundamentals of Webdesign Using Dreamweaver (Seyma Bennett-Shabbir, Webmaster & Teaching Technician, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
9/17/10 No Meeting
9/24/10 Job Application Resources (Faculty Panel, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/1/10 Research and Teaching Statements (Departmental Faculty, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/8/10 Fall Break
10/15/10 Optimizing Your Conference Experience (Faculty & Grad Student Panel, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/22/10 Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) at NCSU (Gary Howell, HPC Applications Scientist, NCSU)
10/29/10 No Meeting
11/5/10 No Meeting
11/12/10 Interview Strategies (Departmental Faculty, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
11/19/10 Poster Design & Construction Strategies (Billy Tallis, NCSU undergraduate student)
12/3/10 Pizza Party @ 11:30am (Math Commons)
1/28/11 Feedback Regarding the Joint Mathematcs Meetings (Student Panel)
2/4/11 Post-Interview Topics (Departmental Faculty, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
2/11/11 No Meeting
2/18/11 No Meeting
2/25/11 Graduate Recruitment Weekend
3/4/11 No Meeting
3/11/11 Spring Break
3/18/11 No Meeting
3/25/11 Grad School Survival Strategies (Faculty & Senior Graduate Students, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
4/1/11 Group Report - Multifunctional Materials
4/8/11 Group Report - Dynamics of Thin Material Layers
4/15/11 Group Report - Orthopaedic Biomaterials
4/22/11 Spring Holiday
4/29/11 Pizza Party @ Noon (Math Commons)

Archive of RTMs for 2009-10 academic year

Archive of RTMs for 2008-09 academic year

Archive of RTMs for 2007-08 academic year


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