NSF Research Training Group: Mathematics of Materials

Model Development, Analysis, Simulation & Control

NCSU RTG - Weekly Schedule of Research Training Modules (RTMs)

For 2007-08, RTMs are held on Fridays from 3-4 pm in HA330 and are open to all graduate students and postdocs in the department.

Date Topic & Associated Materials
8/31/07 Organizational Meeting
9/7/07 Introduction to Computer Systems in the NCSU Mathematics Dept. (Joel Cason, Computer Systems Adminstrator)
9/14/07 Introduction to MATLAB - including ODE solvers, optimization and visualization (Adam Attarian, Graduate Student, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
  • Introduction to MATLAB handout
  • References: Getting Started with MATLAB, A Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers, by Rudra Pratap & Matlab Guide, 2nd Ed., by Desmond J. Higham and Nicholas J. Higham, SIAM
9/21/07 Fundamentals of LaTeX (Ryan Siskind, Graduate Student, Mathemattics Dept., NCSU)
9/28/07 LaTeX for Research Presentations using Beamer (Ryan Siskind, Graduate Student, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/5/07 Fundamentals of PowerPoint (pt. 1) (Michael Stuebner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/12/07 Fall Break
10/19/07 Fundamentals of PowerPoint (pt. 2) (Michael Stuebner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
10/26/07 No meeting
11/2/07 No meeting
11/9/07 Applying for Jobs: Resources & Panel Discussion (Drs. Gremaud, Haider, Medhin & Shearer, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
11/16/07 Web Design I (Michael Stuebner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
  • PowerPoint introduction to html and web design: pdf file
11/30/07 Web Design II (Mansoor Haider, Mathematics Dept. NCSU)

Freeware html editors:

1/18/08 Poster Design (Adam Attarian, Graduate Student, Mathematics Dept., NCSU)
1/25/08 Interview Strategies (RTG Faculty)
2/1/08 No meeting
2/8/08 Writing an Effective Vita, Research and Teaching Statement (RTG Faculty)
2/15/08 Strategies for Successful Grant Writing (RTG Faculty)
2/22/08 No meeting
2/29/08 No meeting
3/7/08 Spring Break
3/14/08 No meeting
3/21/08 Spring Holiday
3/28/08 Grad School Survival (RTG Faculty and Senior Graduate Students) * Note: today's meeting is from 4-5pm
4/4/08 The Peer Review Process (RTG Faculty)
4/11/08 Open Discussion
4/18/08 Pizza Party * 5pm outside between Harrelson and Cox


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NCSU Computer Systems
Numerical Codes
Employment Resources
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