NSF Research Training Group: Mathematics of Materials

Model Development, Analysis, Simulation & Control

NCSU Mathematics RTG - Graduate Course Offerings
In addition to weekly Research Training Modules (RTMs), the NCSU Mathematics RTG program offers the following graduate classes directly related to the program areas.
Mathematical Modeling of Physical & Biological Processes I (MA573)
Instructor: Smith

Other Related Courses (Fall 2011)
Numerical Solution of PDEs - Finite Difference Methods (MA584)
Instructor: Tsynkov

Previous RTG Graduate Course Offerings
Applied Modeing and Analysis Techniques (MA591)
Fall 2010 - Instructor: Haider
Validation, Verification and Uncertainty Quantification (MA797V)
Spring 2010 - Instructor: Smith
Fluid Mechanics (MA797)
Spring 2010 - Instructor: Shearer
Continuum Mechanics of Elastic and Viscoelastic Solids (MA591)
Spring 2009 - Instructor: Haider
Numerical Methods for Model Calibration (MA798C)
Fall 2008 - Instructors: Gremaud & Kelley