S R Lubkin



Spring 2015


MA 501 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists I

*** The textbook for MA 401 and MA 501 is N. Asmar, Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems either 2nd edition (2004-5, used, out of print, Pearson) or 3rd edition Volume 1 (2013, order from lulu.com), but not 1st edition (which wouldn't have the correct readings or HW problems). The 2nd edition went out of print but I worked with the author to make it available to you at a much better price than the 2nd edition had been. You're welcome.






Fall 2014

BMA 774 PDE Modeling in Biology

Exciting news! For the first time, BMA 774 will have Comsol finite element software available, so we will be able to do many more simulation projects.