Significant advances in modern technology have given us opportunities to explore and comprehend nature at a level of detail never dreamed of. To continue this fast-paced progress, the development of novel strategic methodologies to address complex scientific questions is imperative. Equipped with interdisciplinary approaches, our research focuses on developing novel analytical tools and sensors and exploiting their applications in the field of bioanalysis. In particular, we are interested in coupling the novel properties of various nanomaterials with conventional analytical techniques to develop:

1) nanofeatures-facilitated mass spectrometric techniques in biomedical imaging and metabolite profiling;

2) amplification-by-polymerization in portable DNA diagnostic kit development; and

3) label-free multiplexed biomolecule detection using encoded nanoparticles

The successful outcomes of our research will introduce new means to monitor elementary biomolecular interactions with possible ramifications in field-friendly biomolecule screening.


  July 30, 2010,  Samuel is moving to Charlotte to for a new industrial position.

July 2, 2010,  Weiming’s new paper on cancer biomarker screening using encoded particles is published in Anal. Bioanal.




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