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Availability Submission
Agroforestry Systems Table of contents 1994(V.28-) Yes
AI Applications Table of contents 1987(V.1-) Yes
Acta Forestalia Fennica: Monographs in Forest Science Abstracts 1993(N.236-) Yes
Advances in Water Resources Table of contents 1995(V.18-) Yes
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment Table of contents 1995(V.52-) Yes
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Table of contents 1995(V.73-) Yes
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review Table of contents 1972(V.1-) Yes
Ambio - A Journal of the Human Environment Abstracts 1997(V.26-) Yes
American Naturalist Table of contents 1996(V.147-) Yes
American Midland Naturalist Table of contents 1997(V.137-) Yes
Annales des Sciences Forestières Table of contents 1995(V.52-) N.A.
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics Abstracts 1993(V.24-) Yes
Applied Geography Table of contents 1995(V.15-) Yes
Applied Soil Ecology Table of contents 1995(V.2-) Yes
Applied Vegetation Science Table of contents 1998(V.1-) Yes
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems Abstracts (registration required) 1996(V.6-) Yes
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research Abstracts 1996(V.28-) Yes
Australian Journal of Soil Research Table of contents 1995(V.33-) Yes
Baltic Forestry Table of contents 1995(V.1-) Yes
Biodiversity and Conservation Abstracts 1996(V.5-) Yes
Biological Conservation Table of contents 1995(V.71-) Yes
Biomass and Bioenergy Table of contents 1995(V.8-) Yes
Bioresource Technology Table of contents 1995(V.51-) Yes
BioScience Table of contents 1995(V.45-) Yes
Biotropica Table of contents 1995(V.27-) Yes
Canadian Field-Naturalist Table of contents 1996(V.110-) Yes
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Full-length articles 1996(V.53-) Yes
Canadian Journal of Forest Research Full-length articles
Table of contents
Catena Table of contents 1994(V.23-) Yes
Coastal Management Table of contents 1997(V.25-) Yes
Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy Table of contents 1990(V.1-) Yes
Conservation Biology Table of contents 1997(V.11-) Yes
Conservation Ecology Full-length articles 1997(V.1-) Yes
Coral Reefs Abstracts 1996(V.15-) Yes
Ecological Bulletins Table of contents 1985(N.37-) N.A.
Ecos: A Review of Conservation Table of contents 1996(V.17-) N.A.
Environmental and Ecological Statistics Abstracts 1995(V.2-) Yes
Environmental and Resource Economics Table of contents 1995(V.5-) Yes
Environmental Conservation Table of contents 1996(V.23-) Yes
Environment, Development and Sustainability Table of contents 1999 (V.1-) Yes
Environmental Ethics Table of contents
Cumulative index
1979(V.1-) Yes
Environmental History Table of contents 1996(V.1-) Yes
Environmental Impact Assessment Review Table of contents 1995(V.15-) Yes
Environmental Management Abstracts 1996(V.20-) Yes
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Table of contents 1995(V.34-) Yes
Environmental Practice Abstracts 1999(V.1-) Yes
Environmental Reviews Table of Contents 1996(V.4-) Yes
The Environmentalist Table of contents 1997(V.17-) Yes
Folia Forestalia (in Finnish) Table of contents 1994- Yes
Forest Ecology and Management Table of contents 1995(V.71-) Yes
Forest Science Abstracts 1997(V.43-) Yes
Forestry Abstracts/Search Engine 1996(V.69-) Yes
Forestry Chronicle Abstracts 1997(V.73-) N.A.
Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy Abstracts 1994(V.9-) Yes
The George Wright Forum Table of contents 1981(V.1-) N.A.
Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters Table of contents 1997(V.6-) Yes
Great Basin Naturalist N/A -- Yes
Human Ecology Table of contents 1995(V.23-) Yes
Human Dimensions of Wildlife Table of contents 1996(V.1-) Yes
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal Journal Table of contents 1992(V.101-) Yes
International Journal of Ecoforestry Full-length articles 1996(V.12-) Yes
International Journal of Environmental Studies: Sections A & B Abstracts ongoing Yes
International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology Table of contents 1996(V.3-) Yes
International Journal of Wilderness Table of contents/Selected full-length articles 1995(V.1-) Yes
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics Abstracts 1997(V.2-) Yes
Journal of the American Water Resources Association
(formerly Water Resources Bulletin)
Table of contents 1995(V.31-) Yes
Journal of Applied Ecology Table of contents 1997(V.34-) Yes
Journal of Arid Environments Abstracts 1995(V.30-) Yes
Journal of Coastal Conservation Table of contents 1995(V.1-) Yes
Journal of Ecology Table of contents 1996(V.84-) Yes
Journal of Environmental Hydrology Full-length articles 1995(V.3-) Yes
Journal of Environmental Management Abstracts 1995(V.44-) Yes
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management Table of contents 1996(V.39-) Yes
Journal of Environmental Quality Abstracts 2001(V.30-) Yes
Journal of Environmental Systems Abstracts 1996(V.39-) Yes
Journal of Forest Economics Table of contents 1995(V.1-) Yes
Journal of Forest Engineering Full-length articles/Searchable database 1997(V.8-) Yes
Journal of Forest Research (Japan) Table of contents 1996(V.1-) No
Journal of Forestry Abstracts 1998(V.96-) Yes
Journal of Hydrology Table of contents 1994(V.162-) Yes
Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy N/A 1998(V.1-) N/A
Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education Abstracts 1997(V.26-) Yes
Journal of Nature Conservation Table of contents 2000(V.9-) Yes
Journal of Range Management Abstracts 1993(V.46-) Yes
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Table of contents 1999(V.54-) Yes
Journal of Sustainable Forestry Abstracts/Searchable database 1995(V.3-) N.A.
Journal of Vegetation Science Table of contents 1990(V.1-) Yes
Journal of Wildlife Management N/A -- Yes
Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management Table of contents 1997(V.2-) Yes
Land Degradation and Development Abstracts (registration required) 1996(V.7-) Yes
Landscape and Urban Planning Table of contents 1995(V.31-) Yes
Landscape Ecology Table of contents 1997(V.12-) Yes
Limnology and Oceanography Table of contents/Searchable database 1995(V.40-) Yes
Mangroves and Salt Marshes Table of contents 1997(V.1-) Yes
Mountain Research and Development Table of contents/Abstracts 1995(V.15-) Yes
Natural Areas Journal Abstracts 1996(V.16-) Yes
Natural Resources Forum Table of contents 1995(V.19-) Yes
Natural Resources Journal Table of contents 1995(V.33-) Yes
Nature and Resources (UNESCO) Table of contents/Abstracts 1990(V.26-) No
New Forests Table of contents 1995(V.9-) Yes
New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research Abstracts 1994(V.28-) Yes
Northern Journal of Applied Forestry Abstracts 1997(V.14-) Yes
Ocean and Coastal Management Table of contents 1995(V.26-) Yes
Oryx - The Journal of Flora & Fauna International  Table of contents 1997(V.31-) Yes
Quarterly Journal of Forestry  Table of contents 1997(V.91-) Yes
Plant Ecology (formerly Vegetatio) Table of contents 1995(V.121-) Yes
Rangelands Table of contents 1997- Yes
Ranger: A Journal for Conservation Managers Table of contents 1994(Issue 28 -) No
Renewable Resources Journal Table of contents 1995(V.13-) Yes
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Table of contents 1994(V.13-) Yes
Restoration and Management Notes Table of contents 1993(V.11-) Yes
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research Table of contents 1994(V.9-) Yes
Sciences of Soils Full-length articles 1996(V.1-) Yes
Silva Fennica Abstracts 1994(V.28-) Yes
Society and Natural Resources Table of contents 1997(V.10) Yes
Soil Science Table of contents 1997(V.162-) Yes
Soil Science Society of America Journal Table of contents 1997(V.61-) N.A.
Soil Use and Management Table of contents 1997(V.13-) Yes
South African Forestry Journal Table of contents 1938(V.1-) N/A
Southern Journal of Applied Forestry Abstracts 1997(V.11-) Yes
Taiwan Journal of Forest Science (in Chinese) Abstracts 1986(V.1-) N.A.
Tree Physiology Table of contents/Searchable database 1994(V.14-) Yes
Unasylva - International Journal of Forestry and Forest Industry Full-length articles 1995(V.46-) Yes
Water Resources Management Table of contents 1995(V.9-) Yes
Water Resources Research Table of contents 1997(V.33-) Yes
Western Journal of Applied Forestry Abstracts 1997(V.12-) Yes
Wetlands Abstracts/Searchable database 1995(V.15-) Yes
Wetlands Ecology and Management Table of contents 1996(V.4-) Yes
Wildlife Research Table of contents 1994(V.21-) Yes
Wildlife Society Bulletin N/A -- Yes
Women in Natural Resources Selected full-length articles 1996(V.17-) Yes
Wood Science and Technology Table of contents 1995(V.29-) Yes



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