Pivot & Gauss-Jordan Tool

A Utility for Row Operations, Pivoting, and Row Reduction

This tool is on loan from Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble at Hofstra University. It was developed in conjunction with their book Finite Mathematics Applied to the Real World.

Use of this utility is quite intuitive. Just enter the matrix entries in the spreadsheet below (in fraction or decimal form; use the tab key to move from one cell to the next) and tell the program what to do. You can use as many cells as you like -- just leave unused cells blank.

Row Operation: Row + Row      
Swap Rows: and    
Rounding: significant digits   Mode:

Disclaimer: Browsers sometimes crash when running computation-intensive Javascript code. Make sure your important work is saved before running this utility.

Last Updated: April, 1999

Copyright © 1999 Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble