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Located in Western North Carolina, Ashe County lies in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains.  Low pH levels, rocky soil, and cold winters and springs make farming very difficult in Ashe County.  Barney Severt, the grandfather of Terry Goss, made a living off of farming tobacco and a small variety of crops in Ashe County.  For a couple of years after high school, Terry tried to make a living off of trapping animals and selling the furs.  When the market for furs plummeted, Terry turned to farming, just as his grandfather did.
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 Terry chose to grow Fraser firs rather than tobacco, due to the fir's survivability in tough climates.  Goss Nursery and Christmas Trees was established by Terry in 1987.  The business is owned and operated by Terry and his wife, Melissa, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County.
The Fraser fir is able to thrive in cold environments because it is simply a survivor.  Fraser fir's are well adapted for cold environments because they are part of a remnant forest from the last ice age.  They are considered to be a superior Christmas tree because of their ability to retain their needles after being cut and they also possesses a wonderful fragrance, soft needles, and strong branches.
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Today, Ashe County is commonly referred to as the "Christmas Tree Capital of the World," and Goss Nursery and Christmas Trees is a part of Ashe County's million dollar Christmas tree industry, due in large part to the success of growing Fraser fir's.

At Goss Tree Farms, we grow all of our products from our own seed, which we take from mature, adult trees.  For nearly 25 years, we have produced top quality Christmas trees, wreaths, and roping.  We hope you find this site easy to navigate and simple to follow.  Thank you for your time.  May every Christmas season bring you joy any happiness. God Bless all of you!

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