John S. Lapp
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Economics, Emeritus
North Carolina State University
Office:   4170 Nelson Hall
Office Hours: I no longer keep regualr office hours. If you wish to make an appointment, please send an email


Mailing Address:

  Box 8110

  NC State University

  Raleigh, NC 27695 - 8110

Curriculum vitae
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  Economics Graduate Program

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  Department of Economics
  College of Management
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Current Teaching
  I am now retired from the University and am no longer teaching.

Recent Papers 

  Lapp, John S. and Douglas K. Pearce, "The Impact of Economic News on Expected Changes in Monetary Policy" forthcoming Journal of Macroeconomics

  Lapp, John S., Douglas K. Pearce and Surachit Laksanasut,  "The Predictability of FOMC Decisions: Evidence from the Volcker and Greenspan Chairmanships"Southern Economic Journal, October 2003, 70(2), pp 312 - 327.

  Lapp, John S. and Douglas K. Pearce, "Does a Bias in FOMC Policy Directives Help Predict Inter-Meeting Policy Changes?"Journal of Money Credit and Banking, August 2000 Part 1, pp. 435 - 441.


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