SYLLABUS                  MA 121-651       SUMMER 2013

MA 121 Elements of Calculus

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Lada

Text: Calculus (9-th Ed.) by Bittinger, M. L.

You will view the lectures here:

The lectures may also be found at math videos

Check your NCSU Unity e-mail regularly for course announcements.

We will cover the material in the text through Chapter 6. There will be 3 one hour tesrs that you will take at the DE Proctor Center on the NCSU campus. In addition, there will be a final exam. If you are far from campus, you may arrange for a remote proctor; you may find information on the NCSU DE web site. If you need a remote proctor, you should make arrangements early in the semester.

We will use webassign for on line homework. You may access webassign by using the link webassign

For questions regarding webassign problems contact my TA Amanda

Grading Policy:  Tests 65% of grade, webassign 10%
 Final Exam 25% of grade

The test dates are

Test 1 June 13, 14 Chapters R and 1, lectures 1 - 13

Test 2 July 8, 9 Chapters 2 and 3, lectures 14 - 25

Test 3 July 24, 25 Chapters 4 and 5, lectures 26 - 36

Final Exam August 5, 6

You may take your tests and exam on either of the scheduled days.


Here is the link for the homework problems in the 9th edition HOMEWORK-9TH

Here is a list of the TOPICS in each lecture.

Correspondence regarding the course material should be directed to

Dr. Thomas Lada  Phone: (919) 515-8773
Mathematics Department
Box 8205
N. C. State University
Raleigh, N.C. 27695