MA 103-601            FALL 2014

Welcome to MA 103.  During the semester, you will have 4 tests (open notes) during the semester; these will count for 70% of your grade. At the end of the semester, you will have to take a final exam (open notes). You will take these tests and exam on campus at the DE Proctor Center. Go to the NCSU DE web page for testing information. You may also take the tests with a remote proctor if you are located far from campus. Arrangements for a remote proctor are made through the DE Proctor web page; this should be done as soon as possible.

The text book for the course is: Excursions in Modern Mathematics, 7th edition, by Tannenbaum

You will view the lectures on-line at MA103 lectures

You may also view the lectures at lectures

For extra help, you may email questions to my TA

  Make sure that you check your NCSU Unity e-mail regularly for course announcements

Your test schedule is:

TEST 1 September 11-12 Chapters 1 and 2

TEST 2 October 2-3 Chapters 3 and 4

TEST 3 October 29-30 Chapters 5 and 6

TEST 4 November 17-18 Chapters 7 and 8

FINAL EXAM December 8-12


You may take your tests and exam at any time during the indicated days. Allow 1 hour for each test and 3 hours for the final exam.

Pace yourself to complete the course by December 5. You should view 3 lectures per week to remain on schedule..  

Here is a link to a list of TOPICS that are covered in each lecture.

If you need to speak with me during the semester, my office phone number is (919) 515-8773.

My e-mail address is