How To: Wooden Pictures

This tutorial will show you how to transfer a photo onto a block of wood, as shown in the photo above. Adorable, right? Wooden pictures are great for placing around the house, and make perfect gifts for family and friends. Plus, they're extremely easy to make! Just follow these simple steps, and you'll be an expert in no time.

Here's what you'll need:

Block of Wood

Untreated wood will work best. If your piece of wood has some holes in it, don't worry! It just adds more character. It doesn't matter what size it is, but make sure that it's sanded well. Your local hardware store can cut and sand it to your liking if you don't have access to a saw or sander.

Your chosen picture, printed

Print your picture on regular printer paper. While the glossy paper is great for printing photos at home, it will prevent the image from transferring onto the block of wood. You can print the photo whatever size you would like. Be sure to flip the image before you print! The finished product will be a mirrored image of the printed photo.

Gel Medium

You can get this at any craft store. I recommend using the
gloss gel as opposed to the heavy gloss gel and beyond. Michael's carries this particular 8FL OZ bottle for $13.99.

Mod Podge

You can find this at any craft store. Michael's carries this
8FL OZ bottle for $9.99. You'll use more of this than the gel medium, but it will still last through almost as many wooden pictures.

2 inch Paint Brush

You can use any size brush, but I've found that the 2" brush is the easiest to use. It's small enough to get the gel medium and mod podge out of the bottle, but big enough to cover the wood without taking forever. You can get this at any craft store.

Hand towel

You won't need this until step three, but any cloth similar to a hand towel will do. It also helps to have a bowl of water next to you so you can keep the towel wet as necessary.

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