word meaning in English meaning in German
GIFT a presentpoison
DANK chilly wetgratefulness, thanks
STARK bare, grim, harshstrong
KIND nice, generousa child
HUT small buildinga hat
ROCK a stone; to move back and fortha skirt
STOCK a share in a companya cane
MITTEN a glovein the middle
SAGE a wise person say [first person, present tense]; also a saga
LINKS plural of link, connectionsleft [opposite to right]
TOLL a charge for road usage fantastic
BOOT a tall shoeboat
LUNGE a sudden thrustlung
GUT intestine or stomachgood
MIST light fogdung, manure
NOT in no wayan emergency
LAST at the endfreight, burden
HANDY easy to handlecellular phone [new word]
MOST superlative of manyapple cider [Southern Germany, Austria]
RIND a tough outer covering, of cheese for example an individual of cattle
LOT a considerable quantity a plumb
TALK speak talc
BAD evil, harmful bath
RAT a rodent advice
TRUNK the nose of an elefant a drink (together with some people)
LIED past tense of "to lie" a song
HALL a large room a short echo
FAST quickly almost
BRIEF short a letter
SAME identical, e.g., at the same time a seed
BALD lacking of natural covering, e.g., hair soon
SOLD past tense of "to sell" a soldier's salary
LAG to fall behind past tense of "legen" (intransitive verb, i.e., lie)
GLUT an oversupply embers
LACK to be deficient lacquer
WAR an armed conflict past tense of "sein" (to be)
TOT a small child dead (adverb)
TOTE to carry by hand as in tote-bag dead (adjective)
GRAB to seize a grave
LIST a sequence craftiness
JAMMER one that jams misery
KIPPER a fish cured in salt a dump truck
STERN firm and unyielding a star
DICK short form of Richard; colloquial for penis stout, corpulent
SEE to behold with your eyes a lake
ART The production of beautiful forms of sound or shape a species
ANGEL a spiritual being attendant upon God a fishing rod
BAT A flying mammal; a wooden club past tense of "bitten" (to ask for something)
HAT a head covering third person present tense for "haben" (to have)
MUTTER to speak indistinctly in a low voice mother
LEG a lower extremity in a human imperative for "legen" (to lay)
LOG the fallen trunk of a tree past tense of "lügen" (to lie)
TEE a t-shaped peg to place a golf ball on tea
MADE past tense of "to make" a maggot
SUCH As in "such as" imperative for "suchen" (to search)
LURCH to roll or pitch suddenly a salamander
MARK a sign or visible impression marrow (like "Knochenmark" bone-marrow)
QUALM a sensation of doubt, uneasiness ("to have no qualms about it") thick smoke
MAUL to bruise or tear ("mauled by a wild animal") the mouth of an animal ("das Maul halten" to shut up)
WELT a ridge or bump raised on the skin by a lash or blow the world
If you know another word whose meaning is entirely different and preferably of a different root in English and German but whose spelling is the same ("false cognate"), please send me email.
Thanks to Hermann Kremer for his many new entries, and to BettinaNM, PNulton and others (whose email I lost) for the help!
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