MA-405 Linear Algebra and Matrices Spring 1996

The map L(s,t) = (s-t, s+t-1/2) as plotted by Maple (see below).

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Sorted course grades, sorted homework grades, sorted final exam grades.

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Course Syllabus
Textual information on instructor, TA, grading policies, and a tentative list of topics
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Maple programs for the course.
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Old Announcements

Welcome to the homepage. You made it!

Here is the directory with the Maple script files and the Maple printout from the first class.

Please bring a printed copy of the REF.mpl Maple program to class on Thursday, Jan 18.

I've discovered a bug in mysolve.mpl: Line 39 should read for k from i+1 to m do instead of for k from i+1 to n do.

First homework is due tomorrow at 1pm.

I've discovered an inaccuracy in the help page for ref. The procedure does not compute a reduced ref, just a ref.

There are new Maple functions in the Maple/REF directory. Please obtain a copy.

The file REF/elem_mats.mpl contains functions to construct elementary matrices. Please use them for understanding how they look. E.g., E_I(10, 7, 9) is the matrix that exchanges row 7 and 9 on a 10 row matrix. Note that the first argument is the dimension of the matrix. I have also added a trace to myinverse.mpl. Set printlevel := 3 and all elementary operations performed will be printed.

Problem 3 of Homework 3 is due February 13 (partitioned matrices were not covered yet).

The first midterm is graded. You can find a sorted list of all grades in the file sorted_grades in the exam directory.

Instructions for examination on Thursday.

My hand-written class notes are on reserve in the library. I will add on as I prepare new material.

A Maple example for computing the nullspace and a selected solution via CEF can be found in the directory Maple/REF (obtain the Maple script file from there).

For homework 6, some of the section numbers were wrong. Page and problem numbers were right. Now it should be correct.

Sorted grades for exam 2 (excluding 3 people taking make-up exams).

Homework 8 is assigned.

"Famous" quotes (about false impossibilities).

Financial aid practices of private universities (Wall Street Journal article).

Homework 9 is assigned. Click on Maple hints for how to produce the multiple point/function plot.

Message on a record-breaking factorization of a cryptokey.

The student evaluation of this course will take place at the beginning of class, Tuesday, April 23. Please bring a soft pencil to class that day.

Homework 11 is assigned.

Maple function calls for solving the differential equations from class directly (answer to Heather Chudalski's Q).

NY Times article on a bug in our Netscape browser.

Mike's exam week office hours are Monday, Apr. 29, 2-6pm

Erich's extra office hours are on Monday, Apr 29, 5pm-6pm.

Topics and practice problems for final examination. Copies of the remaining personal class notes are now on reserve in the library.

The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, from 1-4pm.

Need help on the homework? Try the online hints

Homework Solutions are now online.