MA792 C/C++/Python for Mathematicians

Generic Submission Procedure for Projects

In order to submit all of the required files with one mailing, please put the files into one ASCII archive file.

Method A: By the Unix tar command. The command you will be using is:

tar -cvlf TAR <list of files>

Now you compress the created file TAR by using

gzip TAR

This converts the file TAR into the compressed non-ASCII file TAR.gz.

Method B: zip the files into the compressed folder, on Windows 10 by right-clicking after selection the files.

Both TAR.gz (and contain unprintable control characters.

Optionally, encode them as an ASCII file by using the Unix Command

uuencode TAR.gz TAR.gz > TAR.gz.uu

Email the file TAR.gz.uu (or or as an attachment to my email address.

You can reverse the archiving process (and thus test your archive file) by changing directory and issuing the following commands

uudecode TAR.gz.uu

gunzip TAR.gz

tar -xvf TAR
Note: as stated in the syllabus, if your project is not totally completed, submit the current version by the deadline. You will get a better grade by submitting the working version late. But we have to see that you took a sincere effort having a substantial part ready when the project was due.
Erich Kaltofen
Feb 15, 2018