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Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models
Fall 2004
Williams 2112, Tue&Thu 09h50-11h05

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  • NEW The course grades have been submitted to TRACS (Dec 15, 10:50am). Here is a sorted anonymous list.
  • NEW Answer to bonus homework (Rachel Chaves): Consider the profile
    8  10 16 | plurality with instant runoff
    A  B  C  | B
    B  C  A  | C
    C  A  B  | A
    A is last in first place votes, so comes in last. In the instant runoff without A, B wins over C with 18 vs. 16 votes.

    Now C withdraws after the election. The profile becomes
    8  10 16 | plurality with instant runoff
    A  B  A  | A
    B  A  B  | B
    so A now wins over B with 24 vs. 10 votes, in violation of the axiom of independence of irrelevant alternatives, which in this case is C.

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