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Dr. Karla A. Henderson is a professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University. She teaches primarily graduate courses in the area of recreation and leisure theory and qualitative research methods. Currently she is teaching a Distance Education course, Active Recreation and Healthy Communities.

She has been on the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Texas Woman's University. Her Ph.D. was completed at the University of Minnesota. She holds a Doctor of Science (honoris causa) from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Karla has given numerous presentations throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. She publishes regularly in a variety of journals such Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, Women and Health, American Journal of Public Health, and Journal of Physical Activity and Aging and has written over 200 juried articles and 250 other scholarly pieces. She has authored or co-authored several books including Leisure, Women, and Gender (with Freysinger, Shaw, and Bialeschki), Camp Counseling (with Joel Meier), Service Living (with Dustin, Wellman, and Moore), Both Gains and Gaps (with Bialeschki, Shaw, and Freysinger), Dimensions of Choice, Volunteers in Leisure (with Tedrick), Introduction to Leisure Services (with Sessoms), and Evaluation of Leisure Services (with Bialeschki). She was co-editor of Leisure Sciences from 2003-2009.

Dr. Henderson has contributed to the profession in a number of ways by serving as president of SPRE, president of the AAHPERD Research Consortium, president of the Academy of Leisure Sciences, and on numerous state, national, and international boards and committees. She has been the recipient of the JB Nash Scholar Award, the Julian Smith Award, the NCRPS Special Citation, the ACA Honor Award, the SPRE Distinguished Colleague Award, the North Carolina Recreation and Park Society Honor Award, the SPRE Excellence in Teaching Award, NRPA Literary Award, World Leisure George Torkildson Literary Award, and the NRPA Roosevelt Excellence in Research Award. She was recognized in 2012 by North Carolina State University for Lifetime Achievement in the field of parks, recreation, and leisure.

When not working, Karla enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains, running and playing her trumpet in North Carolina, and reading and writing wherever she goes.

Karla A. Henderson, Ph.D.
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
Box 8004, Biltmore
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8004
1-919-515-3687 (fax)