James A. Rice
Associate Professor & Extension Fisheries Specialist
Department of Zoology
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7617

phone: 919-515-4592
fax: 919-515-5327
e-mail: jim_rice@ncsu.edu

1978 B.A. St. Louis University, Biology (Summa Cum Laude).
1981 M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Zoology. [Thesis Title: Derivation and application of a bioenergetics model for largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides).]
1985 Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Zoology. [Dissertation Title: Mechanisms regulating survival of larval bloater (Coregonus hoyi) in Lake Michigan.]

Professional Experience
1978-1985 Research and Teaching Assistant, Center for Limnology and Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
1985 Research Associate, Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
1985-1991 Assistant Professor of Zoology and Extension Fisheries Specialist, North Carolina State University.
1989-1990 Zoology Extension Program Acting Specialist In Charge.
1991-Present Associate Professor of Zoology and Extension Fisheries Specialist, North Carolina State University.

Research Interests - Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology

My research interests are primarily in the areas of predator-prey interactions and food web dynamics in aquatic systems. I am especially interested in the role of body size, variability among individuals (e.g., in size or growth rate), and size-dependent mortality in determining survival and recruitment of young fish. Recently I have also begun work on behavioral and growth responses of estuarine organisms to hypoxia, and modeling the bioenergetic costs of chronic toxicant exposure in fishes. I work in both freshwater and marine systems, and like to use a combination of experiments, simulation modeling and field work to address my research objectives. For more information, see my research summary and list of publications.

Extension Program - Fisheries Management and Environmental Education

My Extension program is concentrated in two main areas. I conduct training workshops and develop educational materials for county extension agents and the public on warmwater pond fisheries management, including pond design and site selection, fish stocking and harvest, water quality management, liming and fertilization, and common pond problems. Many of these materials are accessible through the Extension Fisheries and Pond Management web page.

The second major focus of my extension program is environmental education for school teachers, 4-H leaders, and youth. As part of this effort I lead the 4-H Fisheries and Aquatic Resources program, conduct training workshops for teachers and other educators on aquatic ecology, and coordinate hands-on aquatic ecology classes at camps and field days for about 600 elementary school students per year.

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