Jon Thompson Courses

Since joining the faculty at North Carolina State University, I have taught courses in twentieth century English and American literature, and courses on contemporary literature. In practice, this means courses in modernism, postmodernism, early and late twentieth-century poetry, as well as more specialized courses in twentieth-century American prose (fiction and nonfiction), and twentieth-century British/Irish prose (fiction and non-fiction). I also regularly teach courses in literary/cultural theory, at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Listed below are the courses that I most regularly teach:

  • ENG 252: Major American Writers
  • ENG 260: Introduction to Literary Study
  • ENG 265: American Literature I
  • ENG 266: American Literature II
  • ENG 370: Early Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • ENG 371: Late Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • ENG 372: Early Twentieth-Century Poetry
  • ENG 373: Late Twentieth-Century Poetry
  • ENG 398: Contemporary Literature I

  • ENG 399: Contemporary Literature II
  • ENG/FL 406: Modernism
  • ENG/FL 407: Postmodernism
  • ENG 496: Seminar in Literary Criticism
  • ENG 570: 20th-Century British Prose
  • ENG 571: 20th-Century British Poetry
  • ENG 575: 20th-Century American Prose
  • ENG 576: 20th-Century American Poetry
  • ENG 580: Literary Postmodernism

If you want to see material pertaining to a course I am currently teaching, please visit the WolfWare course pages.