North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
Durham, NC
October - December 2014

"Brine Shrimp"
by A. Stanley
by A. Casper

"Bracken Fern"
by C. Mothes

by D. Dowdy
by G. Foster
"Seed Germination"
by M. Donastorg
by J. Martin
"Pine Vascular Differences"
by M. Eaves
"Leaf Types"
by S. Freeman
"Spruce and Fir"
by J. Martin
by C. Zabel
"Bones of Flight"
by T. Brown
"Squid Locomotion"
by K. Peck
"Bullfrog Skeletal Anatomy"
by T. Brown
"Leopard Frog"
by K. Peck
"Moss Capsule"
by J. Park
"Mole Anatomy"
by J. Park
"Olive Shell"
by A. Morrison
by G. Foster
"Stem Cross-Sections"
by M. Jordan