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NCSU Thesis Class — ncsuthesis-0.3.1

An updated NCSU thesis class, based on the standard LaTeX book class. This template can also be found on the ETD website, along with other thesis and LaTeX info.

This version fixes many of the bugs of the older template (the class files for that version were called ncsudoctoralthesis.cls, ncsuthesis3.cls, and ncsuthesis4.cls). If you are still using the older version and have problems, you may consider switching to this class. If you do switch, you will need to put some work into changing your tex files to conform to the new class, as the new class is not not compatible with the old classes.

This is the second release. Bugfixes and suggestions are welcome. Theses are complex documents and one thesis class will never meet all needs, but I'll be glad to meet as many as practically possible.

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You can find other helpful NCSU LaTeX resourse on Dr. Peter Bloomfield's website.