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I am available for tutoring in the following subjects:

High School

NCSU Math Courses

Cytosine, my guinea pig

Please note that I am also willing to take clients who are not attending NCSU but who are enrolled in a math class that covers similiar topics to those classes listed above. Also please note that I am unable to tutor any student who is enrolled in one of my classes due to the conflict of interest, but let me know if you are in this situation, and I can direct you to a colleague.

I am very open to comments and suggestions, both positive or negative, that will help to ensure your personal learning experiences are the best they can be. Please feel free to let me know about any special circumstances that will help us communicate better.

In the event that you cannot keep your tutoring appointment, please let me know at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do not appear for your session without giving me advance notice, I will let the first mistake slide, but after that I will charge $10/missed session. After three missed sessions I will be forced to drop you as a client. I understand that scheduling issues do arise, and I also will do my best to give you the same respect by calling you if my schedule suddenly changes. Should I not show up to a pre-established tutoring meeting, you will receive a free hour of tutoring, but I obviously hope that this does not happen.

Shoot me an email with details of your class and desired number of hours for detailed pricing and scheduling information. My standard rate is $40/hour as long as you are willing to come to campus and meet me either in the NCSU library or my office. I also can meet at the Cameron Village Library for this cost. If I am requested to travel to your home, I will negotiate a price suitable for the distance involved. Parents of high school students are more than welcome to attend sessions to listen and observe, and in the event that I come to your home, I request that a parent be home during the duration of the tutoring session. My ability to travel is very rare, and I will be forced to charge extra for this. For long term students, I prefer a regular meeting time if it's possible with your schedule, because it ensures that I have an opening in my schedule for you.

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