US-China Summer School and Workshop

on Representation Theory

at East China Normal University

Shanghai, China

July 10-26, 2010

East China Normal University
National Science Foundation
National Natural Science Foundation, China
Shanghai Municipal Government

Naihong Hu, Loek Helminck and Naihuan Jing

Contact: Naihuan Jing,  N. C.  State University, jing at math dot ncsu dot edu

Principal lecturers are:

V. Chari, UC Riverside, Finite dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras (8 lectures)
Y. Gao, York Univeristy, Extended affine algebras (8 lectures)
S. Kang, Seoul National Univ, Crystal bases  (8 lectures)
O. Mathieu, Lyon, BGG resolution: the algebraic and the geometric approach (8 lectures)
N. Reshetikhin, UC Berkeley, Topics in representation theory of quantum affine algebras (8 lectures)
R. Zhang, U. Sidney, Quantum invariant theory (10 lectures)

Workshop Speakers also include:
R. Griess* (Michigan), A. Helminck (NCSU), C. Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong), N. Jing (NCSU), Q. Wu (Fudan),  P. Zhang (USTC)


Travel Information:

Pudong International Airport is served by all major airlines from USA and Europe. Some Japanese Airlines will serve to Hongqiao
Airport. Due to World Expo 2010 the airfare to Shanghai will be more expensive than to Beijing, Guangzhou or Hong Kong.
Participants from Asia may consider flying to Wuhan or Xiamen instead and then take the express train from Wuhan to Shanghai
(5.5 hours). If you are on a budget and arrive in Guangzhou or Hong Kong, you can take overnight express train (380 yuan
and 17 hours).

Chinese Railway networks are rapidly moving into one of the best in the world. For example, the Wuhan-Guangzhou express
train travels at a speed of 350 km/hr, the fastest in the world and covering 1200 km within 3 hours (it takes 2 hours to fly
from Wuhan to Guangzhou directly!).

Here is a map showing some of the major hubs in China (1200 refers to 1200 km)
                                     Beijing    \
                                           |             \
                                      (1200)            \
                                           |                     \          
                                           |                     /
                                      (1100)             /
                                           |               /
                                   Guangzhou   /
                                   Hong Kong
Use Pythagoreans theorem to compute the distance between Beijing and Shanghai.

Express trains to surrounding areas are convenient. Here are estimated travel time from Shanghai station to nearby cities:
1) Suzhou, 40 mintues 2) Hangzhou 1 hour by high speed train, 2 hour by express train 3) Nanjing, 2 hours by express train
4) Hefei, 2.5 hours

Long-distance express trains from Shanghai to 1) Beijing, 10 hours 2) Wuhan, 5.5 hours 3) Guangzhou, 17 hours etc.

Local Transportation:
Pudong airport is linked by subways in 2 ways:
1) Regular subway: It takes about 40 mintues from the Airport to the Transfer Station at Long Yang Sta. Please note that
    the airport line begins daily service at 9 am. If you want to catch an earlier flight, use Maglev from Long Yang Sta.
2) Maglev, the world's fastest public transportation (speed 400 km/h
during rush hours). It costs 50 yuan and in 5-7 minutes you travel from Pudong Airport to Long Yang subway sta.
From Long Yang Sta you can go to other places easily.

Buses and taxis are also convenient.

Airport Shuttle Bus: 8-10 lines to the city, price 20-30 yuan.

ECNU has two campuses: Zhongshan campus and Minhuang campus. The summer school will be held in Minhuang campus.

Shanghai is one of the largest metropolitan centers in the world and one of the financial centers in Asia. Her surrounding
area has some of the most popular destinations for tourists:
1) Hangzhou, anciant capital. Hangzhou and Suzhou are regarded as the most beautiful cities in China.
2) Suzhou, famous for its gardens. Capital of Wu Kingdom 2000 years ago.
3) Nanjing (South Capital in Chinese). It was the capital of China in several dynasties
and during 1911-49. Ming Palace. Palace of Heavenly Kingdom etc.


Partial support is available for 5 US graduate students.

: The summer school will be followed by a  3 day international workshop

Registration fee: directly to ECNU.


List of Participants

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