NSF/CBMS Regional Conference on Cluster Algebras and Applications

at North Carolina State University

June 13-17, 2006

Principal Speaker: Andrei Zelevinsky
Northeastern University, will deliver 10 lectures on Cluster Algebras
The Special lecture notes of Prof. Zelevinsky will be coauthored with Prof. Sergey Fomin
and published by CBMS and AMS.

Organizer: Naihuan Jing

Conference Theme:
As the co-founder of cluster algebras, Professor Zelevinsky will give a down-to-earth and penetrating lectures on the fascinating subject.
The talks are aimed to survey current research and provide introduction to new comers.
The lectures will be aelf-contained and a list of
reference will be available at the meeting.

Other speakers include:
Christof Geiss (UNAM, Mexico), Gerard Helminck (Twente),  Nathan Reading (Univ. of Michigan), Ralf Schiffler (Univ. of Massachusetts), Michael  Shapiro (Michigan State Univ.), Hugh Thomas (Univ of New Brunswick, Canada), Dylan Thurston (Columbia Univ.), Monica Vazirani (UC Davis), Sebastian Zwicknagl (Oregon)

Financial Assistance:
Limited funds are available to support participants. Priorities will be given to students and underpresented
groups of researchers. Please register early to get full consideration.

Conference Proceedings: Research papers and expository notes
are welcome. Deadline: November 1, 2006.

Note: All talks will be scheduled from the morning of June 13 through noon June 17. No activities will be
scheduled in the afternoon of June 17. Room reservation will be for the nights of June 12 thru June 16, 2006.
You can book the flight back in the afternoon of June 17.

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